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Our Vision is to produce engaging entertainment for a worldwide audience

by telling great stories about

compelling characters.

Audiences grow ever more demanding with the variety of material available, but every single piece of successful content starts with a good story.  Be it a web series, a commercial, or a wide release film, story resonates with audiences and keeps them coming back for more. 


It takes a village, or sometimes a city, to create this kind of engaging entertainment. That's why we have partnered with  and continue to partner with many talented people throughout the entertainment industry. We have an ambitious slate, but the sky's the limit. 

London Town
New York City
S Raad - Profile Photo.jpg

Raadical Entertainment was founded by Shaun Raad, a former trial attorney in the US who quit the legal profession to pursue his lifelong passion for filmmaking, first in New York City and now in London. Shaun is an award winning writer and producer who earned an MA in screenwriting from the National Film and Television School. His first short film, Red Means Go, was a finalist in the Producer’s Guild of America Weekend Shorts Competition judged by James Franco, Laura San Giacomo, Donald De Line, Tim Gibbons, Paula Wagner, and Sean Young. He worked as script consultant on the 2018 BAFTA Winning Short Animation Film, Poles Apart, and his screenwriting work has been recognised multiple times in the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting Competition (as well as numerous other competitions).


Shaun realised his passion for storytelling combined with his legal training left him uniquely qualified as a creator and producer. Thus, he formed Raadical Entertainment, not only to create content, but to shepherd it and protect it until it reaches an audience. Raadical Entertainment's driving ethos is to produce amazing content  with American ambition but British sensibilities.

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